Due To TWICE Mina’s Sudden Anxiety She Will Not Participate In The Group’s World Tour

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TWICE Mina’s health has been a subject of interest among ONCE for a while. Earlier this month, JYP announced that she won’t be participating in Pocari Challenge Teen Festival due to health concerns. The agency didn’t elaborate on the exact health issue but it seems that fans finally have an idea of what’s going on.

On July 11, JYP released an official statement to its fan community website, they explain that Mina is suffering from sudden extreme anxiety and thus won’t be participating in the rest of her group’s world tour.

Here is JYP’s statement:

“Hello, this is JYPE.

This is an announcement regarding Mina’s health condition.

She is currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity whilst performing on stage. No exact diagnosis has been made yet, and we’re consulting several medical professionals to identify the cause in details.

After excessive discussion with Mina and TWICE members, we came to the conclusion that her health requires additional treatment, professional measures and enough rest. This is why Mina won’t be attending the following schedule:

– TWICE World Tour 2019 “TWICELIGHTS”

They explain Mina’s health is their top priority and that they’ll do everything possible to provide her sufficient rest.

Meanwhile, ONCE trended #GetWellSoonMina worldwide. They sent encouraging messages to the idol wishing her a speedy recovery.

Get well soon Mina!

My Personal Thoughts

Every single time I say I am worried about TWICE extremely hectic schedule some fans jump to prove me wrong (as if they’re being paid to defend or sth) saying the girls ‘get enough rest,’ when it’s pretty darn obvious they don’t!!! It doesn’t take a genius to reach that conclusion.

JYP is not downright bad, I like the company but I always felt that they put too much pressure on TWICE. They’re their biggest money makers and they don’t have any other act in their agency that comes nearly close to the numbers TWICE achieve. That’s just what the numbers say.

They have so many comebacks and are always holding concerts or participating in events. If we assume that the case with Mina has been going on for a while now then the constant traveling and having to perform for extended periods of time could’ve taken its toll on her.

I do feel that TWICE need sufficient rest but at the same time looking at it from a business perspective, I know well that they’ll never come close to a couple of months of vacation just to recharge and work hard again. JYP can’t afford that.

I don’t think JYP gives them many comebacks because they want to solidify their status, I think its because they want to make more money. That’s just how business work. They spend millions to debut a group and expect a good ROI, if they find that they’ll continue to push hard in that direction to achieve even better results.

I bet it’s sad for Mina, but its good to know that she’s resting. World tours are difficult to pull off, I don’t think JYP wants to risk harming her even more. I wish her all the best!

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