TWICE Jihyo Apologizes To Fans For Defending Herself From Haters, Explains How Much She’s Been Struggling Because Of Hate And False Rumors

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TWICE Jihyo has issued an apology regarding what she posted to VLive+ chat yesterday.

Yesterday, Jihyo chatted with fans on VLive+ chat and explained why she was away from a good portion of the 2019 MAMA, she explained that she was simply sick,

“And by the way, you know at MAMA, when I was gone for a while mid-ceremony…

Let me clarify since some attention needy folks keep blabbering/muttering about what happened. I was feeling a little sick

I am sorry since I guess those people had lots of fun trying to drag me down with their criticism

But yeah, there was nothing I could do about being sick.”

However, instead of being understood, she got criticized because she used the informal word “웅앵웅” that means blabbered or muttering and some k-netizens associated the word with the feminist movement in South Korea which is a very controversial topic, more on that here.

Due to being heavily criticized for expressing her thoughts, Jihyo uploaded another explanation and apologized for causing concern and misunderstandings. The post was uploaded on January 7 KST.

“I am sorry that I might have hurt and disappointed ONCE yesterday through the V app chat.”

In her apology, she explained to fans what has been going on with her since 2019 began, she explained that she suffered from terrible rumors in March of 2019, and that she became afraid of facing people as a result of it and that’s why she cried at the airport in March of 2019.

She also talked about her dating news that became public in August of 2019,

“and then in August, my personal life became known and untrue things began spreading.

And that made my anxiety, my depression, my fear; all kinds of negative emotions grow even bigger.

I was scared and tired of standing in front of people and saying even a word and performing on stage.

I was so scared during the tour that I went to the hospital, was consulted, took medicine, but it didn’t help me very much.”

She says then the 2019 MAMA came and she cried for three days and wanted to hide because of how badly she was feeling, she even decided to come back to Korea at a later time unlike the other members because she didn’t want ONCE to see her cry at the airport again.

“Since all the times I’ve talked about, no, even since my debut, I’ve seen so many countless bad words, rumors and rude things said about me.

I was so hurt and so upset, but I was still there because I had work, my job, my fans.”

Jihyo added that she’s not asking for sympathy by explaining everything she’s been going through. She says that she never once was insincere in her approach to her fans. She apologized for talking emotionally yesterday, she also says she decided to write this and explain to fans after seeing other members posts yesterday (Momo uploaded an apology letter for dating Heechul and Sana uploaded a letter about everything TWICE has been through recently).

Jihyo stressed that she sings and dances because she loves it and the reason she continues to do this is because of the fandom love and support, she ended her statement with,

“I am sorry for making you worry and thank you ONCE.”

Fans have translated her statement fully; have a look at their translation if you’re curious about the full statement below:

What do you think of her apology?

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  1. Jihyo clearly has a right to have a life it belongs to her. So haters have you learned nothing from 2019 with the celebrities you lost unexpectedly because of your hateful words. This is 2020 learn better so you can do better stop all these hateful comments.

  2. So sad that the only thing you can think to write is a nasty comment. I wish you happiness honestly because your words show how sad and bitter you are .

  3. You should be ashamed. Get a life, my dude. You’re criticizing people so harshly and you don’t realize the damage. People like you need a literal vibe check.

    1. How did you only think about writing a nasty comment about her. She even has depressions for haters like you. I’m not even a fan of twice. But yeah how could you be this rude.

  4. I truly feel bad for jihyo. She’s been going through so much. This is to show kpop idols r not all happy and sunshine on stage and off stage. I mean like, it’s not that we didn’t already know this, but it just sinks in. I hope jihyo gets better and I hope this situation gets better too

  5. Are you a working Kpop idol. No. Are you in a close relationship with them to understand what they go through and all their struggles. No.
    So why dont you keep you disgusting and begotted opinions to yourself as we dont want your negativity harming our Queens

  6. If you dont have a nice thing to say then shut your mouth, if you’re a hater then stop posting comments about her or them . Mind your own life.

  7. Dude, so what if she’s f**kin her boyfriend?Its her choice, her life. What if you were in her shoes for one day?Can you even survive performing infront of large crowds,dealing with your mental health, have practice non stop, reading malicious comments and pretending you’re alright?No. You surely wouldnt last a day in her life. Like what jihyo said “Dont mind others business if you hate them, go do the things you like to do rather than boss them all around” You just disgust me. Seeing haters like you just makes me wanna puke. Get a life man.

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