Netizens Are Criticizing TWICE Jihyo For ‘The Way’ She Explained Her Brief Absence From The 2019 MAMA

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TWICE Jihyo is actually getting hate for the way she explained why she was absent for a short while from the 2019 MAMA.

The 2019 MAMA was held back in December of last year, during the award ceremony fans noticed that TWICE Jihyo was absent for a while, she did perform with the group at the event as scheduled but fans worried about her after seeing that she wasn’t there with the rest of the group for a while.

Many people even began connecting her disappearance from the show with Kang Daniel’s sudden health issues that prevented him from appearing on many end-year shows. Prior to the 2019 MAMA, Kang Daniel deeply worried fans with his alarming posts, he begged to be saved and talked about how much he was struggling with receiving endless hate comments.

UPDATE: TWICE Jihyo Apologizes To Fans For Defending Herself From Haters, Explains How Much She’s Been Struggling Because Of Hate And False Rumors

And since TWICE Jihyo is dating Kang Daniel many people began spreading rumors that Jihyo couldn’t focus because of what’s happening with him, however, Jihyo stepped up to finally explain what happened but many k-netizens (especially men, will explain why later) had an issue with the way she explained it.

She said,

“And by the way, you know at MAMA, when I was gone for a while mid-ceremony…

Let me clarify since some attention needy folks keep blabbering/muttering about what happened. I was feeling a little sick

I am sorry since I guess those people had lots of fun trying to drag me down with their criticism

But yeah, there was nothing I could do about being sick.”

The reason she’s being criticized is that she used the informal word “웅앵웅” that means blabbered or muttering, this term is often used on social media like to twitter and it’s similar to the English word ‘blah blah’ or ‘da da da.’ It is usually used in arguments in a mocking manner.

Netizens mostly reacted poorly to her explanation many calling her arrogant saying she’s mocking her concerned fans who were worried about her whereabouts at the ceremony. Many think she’s referring to her fans as attention seekers. ONCE have been trying to explain Jihyo was directing her explanation at the people who were making up rumors about her not at her fans.

She’s being criticized by men mostly because “웅앵웅” is used by the Womad communities to criticize men; it’s a word that many netizens connect with feminists in South Korea which is a very sensitive touchy subject in South Korea. Many k-netizens are also expressing shock at the fact that Jihyo said this word to begin with, not many celebrity women use this word in South Korea.

Meanwhile, ONCE continue to defend Jihyo and stand up for her against people who are trying to twist her words.

What do you think of this controversy?

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  1. they(twice or any k-pop artist) will never try to hurt their fans, cauz they love them. so stop criticising them and appreciate their love and work!!!!

  2. Jihyo’s side: She’s a human too. Who’s doesn’t feel stressed or annoyed when everybody was pushed or hated u because of dating rumors???? She and Kang Danial deserve better in every single life. Dont be such a suck and disturb them

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