Despite Being In One Of The Top 3 Agencies, TWICE Jeongyeon Took On A Part-Time Job In Her Trainee Days, Here Is Why

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Despite being in one of the biggest girl groups right now, many of TWICE members had been struggling a lot to make ends meet before their official debut.

“TWICE: SEIZE THE LIGHT,” the new TWICE YouTube series has helped shed a light on the struggles the girls went through to become who they are today, and one particular story by Jeongyeon has made headlines.

During the most recent episode of the series, TWICE sat down to talk about their experiences prior to their debut, they talked about their time as trainees and shared happy and sad moments.

Jeongyeon shared that she personally thought she wouldn’t make it in a group and had to resort to work as a part-timer because she thought her dream was over.

She said that there had been a group in the works before TWICE, the group included Nayeon and Jihyo. The girls were ready to debut but were later alerted that their debut plans had fell through.

Jeongyeon said,

“It was the most difficult time for me when the group didn’t make it.

I thought it was over. I really thought that, so I even took a part-time job.”

Thankfully, Jeongyeon went on to become a part of one of the biggest girl groups ever. We’re glad she didn’t give up on her dreams and persisted.

You can check out the full episode where she addresses this below.

Are you surprised to hear this from Jeongyeon?

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