[TRENDING] FNC Denies That Choa Is Leaving AOA

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Despite the fact that Choa announced to her fans that she’s officially leaving the group due to insomnia and depression, her agency thinks otherwise.

Her management agency FNC released a statement that contradicts what she talked about in her lengthy letter to fans announcing her departure.

They stated:

We’re still in discussion with Choa regarding her withdrawal from the group. Nothing is confirmed yet. We will announce the results when discussion with the idol is complete.

What do you think of FNC statement? What do you think will happen?

You can read her full statement here.

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My Reaction

I just don’t understand the management company, but im gonna have to be honest and unbiased here.

There are three sides to each story, Choa talked about her side, FNC talked about their side, whats left is the truth, hoping it will come out soon.

The idol CLEARLY stated that she discussed with her agency before she made this decision, but then her agency is saying that nothing is confirmed.

What the hell is going on?

Three possibilities, Choa didn’t speak to her company and decided to post the message without their knowledge, or FNC knew of her decision but are acting shitty, or they both understood each other the wrong way and there are misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Idols suddenly quitting the company is nothing new nowadays, we see lots of idols rebelling, so I can’t completely take Choa’s side here, because after all she is controlled by her contract to the agency.

She can actually be sued for leaving the group before the expiration of her contract, we’ve seen that happen, so unless she has a really good excuse she can be held liable by the law for breaking the contract.

FNC could be indeed acting all shitty and annoying and refusing to accept the fact that she’s leaving, but the girl clearly stated that she’s struggling, why are you holding on to someone who cannot perform in such state?

Some people just love money so much! This has been going on since the beginning of 2017, we knew that Choa went on hiatus because of this, her agency still denied something wrong going on.

We clearly knew something was up, because they didn’t even bother tell anyone of her hiatus until fans pointed out that she’s missing activities.

We’re gonna find out how annoying and low FNC is in the next couple of days, will they give her freedom or hold her down is only a matter of time!

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