The Six Members of iKON In Talks To Sign With New Agency After Leaving YG Entertainment

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All six members of the group iKON, who left YG Entertainment, will reportedly start anew at a new agency.

Regarding the news that all six iKON members will sign an exclusive contract with 143 Entertainment on December 30, an official told Exports News, “It is not clearly decided yet. We are in the middle of discussing various things.”

YG Entertainment, the group’s former agency, said on the same day, “After a long discussion with iKON members about future activities, we agreed to respect each other’s opinions and terminate the exclusive contract upon the expiration of the contract period.”

As a result, all six members of iKON left YG Entertainment and are expected to start anew. Attention is focused on whether all members will sign this new agency to make a new start as icons.

Meanwhile, 143 Entertainment is a new entertainment agency founded by composer and producer Digital Masta in 2020 and is home to the group LIMELIGHT.

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