Jay Park’s Music Talk Show, “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive” Unveils The Main Poster + Confirms Premiere Date 

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The main poster of KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive” has been unveiled.

On January 25th, KBS released the main poster for KBS2’s new music talk show “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive”, which is scheduled to premiere in February.

In the poster, the program’s title and official logo and Jay Park, who exudes his unique relaxed charm with a slight smile on his face, catch the eye. This poster has been enhanced with the participation of studio formula designers Chae Hee Joon and Shin Gun Mo and photographer Hwang Ye Ji.

In particular, the cool blue background reminiscent of a drive, suitable for the program title, gives a pleasant energy and draws attention. Through “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive”, Jay Park announces a special music drive every week, adding to the curiosity about the first broadcast.

“The Seasons” is a music talk show that introduces a different method called ‘annual project’ for the first time in a KBS late-night music program, and in 2023, four MCs will take charge of each season under their own name and continue for a total of four seasons.

All-round artist Jay Park, who has been in the industry for 15 years, will serve as the MC for the first season, introducing a variety of music that is not limited to genres and sharing sincere talks with musicians from an unbiased perspective. With bandmaster Jeong Dong Hwan at the forefront, Lee Tae Wook, Park Jong Woo, Jang Won Young, and Shin Ye Chan form the house band ‘Jeong Ma-ae and Kung Chi-tachi’ to present vivid sound to viewers.

KBS’ new music talk show “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive” will premiere on February 5 at 10:55 pm KST on KBS2.


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