“The Law Cafe” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“The Law Cafe” has wrapped up its run today, and here is a recap of its 16th and final episode.

“The Law Cafe” episode 16 recap

Did Jung Ho die from the stab wound?

No, he didn’t. Despite getting stabbed, he was not injured badly. He underwent surgery and recovered in a couple of days. He was visited by everyone including his mother and father.

Did Se yeon and Jin Ki get a divorce?

After the ordeal with Jong Ho and his stab wound dies down, Yu Ri decides to help out Jong Ho’s mother and Se Yeon decide how to approach their relationship either getting a divorce or reconciling. Se Yeon is told to talk to him about what his mother had said. She meets him and he had talked to Jong Ho and realized his mother was the one who triggered her.

She says she doesn’t want to hold him down and he says she didn’t do such a thing, he’s happy doing so and being a stay-at-home father taking care of their child together. They reconcile and don’t get a divorce.

Did Jong Ho parents get divorced due to what happened?

Yu Ri decides the best course of action to tackle the father would be to put him in a situation where he’s forced not to run away. Se Yeon ties the together with handcuffs and they talk about it. The mother ends up crying her eyes out while the husband comforts her.

They end up deciding to take a break from each other and live apart for a while. Turns out, he felt so guilty he couldn’t face his family. He wanted to pay for his wrongdoings apart.

They do live apart but its hinted that their relationship has been somewhat salvaged due to this.

Does Yu Ri accept Jong ho’s marriage proposal?

At night, Yu Ri talks to her mother and reveals she’s been proposed to. She’s afraid they won’t always be together and is frightened this could end badly. Her mother advices her to experience everything with the man she loves. Nothing lasts forever but if this is the person you want to spend your time with doing everything together then he’s the one.

Yu Ri ends up running to Jong ho and talks to him about realizing how she looked at it wrong, she accepts his marriage proposal with a sweet confession about fears and staying together forever. They kiss.

Did Jong Ho end up finding a job?

Yes, after they got engaged and moved in together, Yu Ri tells him he shouldn’t have his life revolve around her and must find his passion. He toys around with the idea of returning to his prosecution position but decides on becoming a lawyer and working at the law cafe with his fiance.

He wants to fill in the loopholes in their law system and books.

What happens to Lee Pyun-Woong?

He gets arrested after his crimes get exposed. He’s talked about on TV, it will be difficult to avoid a lengthy sentencing. Yu Ri ends up visiting him in jail and telling him she’s not his lawyer anymore, he’s still somewhat in denial thinking she will still represent him. When Yu Ri leaves, he vaguely threatens Jong Ho that he would do certain things to her and hurt her and tells him to kill him, Jong Ho scuffs and refuses saying no one wants to get his blood on their hands. He has to pay for it the old fashioned way.

Did Jong Ho reconcile with his father?

On the night prior to his wedding day, he visits his dad who is drinking, it seems he’s not handling the break from his mom well.

They drink beer and he asks him to be there for his wedding. He shows up there.

Did Jong Ho and Yu Ri get married?

Yes, Jong Ho and Yu Ri end up getting married. This is the last scene of the drama. They get married on a windy day and despite the weather progressively getting worse, they power through and get married saying their lovely vows to each other. They snap a photo with everyone at the wedding while its raining and is extremely windy.

How does “The Law Cafe” end?

“The Law Cafe” ends with one final scene showing Jong Ho and Yu Ri hard at work at their cafe for their respective clients. Business is booming and everyone comes to get legal advice. Jong ho is labeled the rational while Yu Ri is labeled the sympathetic. Clients can choose from either.

They also help out the surrounding businesses redirecting people who need help with mental issues to Woo Jin and more.

Did “The Law Cafe” have a happy ending?

Yes, it was the ultimate happy ending. Jong Ho and Yu Ri get married. The bad guy gets punished and all loose ends are tied.

“The Law Cafe” episode 16 review

That was a very cute ending that wraps up everything nicely.

I think my favorite character is Yu Ri by far. Such a passionate girl boss, a true role model.

I especially liked it when she talked to Jong Ho about him finding passion outside of their relationship because in reality, characters like him tend to fixate on one thing and obsess over it. I noted that in the premiere episodes review. His love for Yu ri took up a big chunk of what was on his mind for a while especially with the guilt he felt in the past.

Men like him need to find passion outside their relationships so they don’t collapse completely if the said relationship fails. I liked this advice from the screenwriter and I also liked how he stayed true to his character choosing to continue doing something that is closely related to his wife, still, not outside of his comfort zone that much. It tracks well with what a character like him would do. Tiny steps in the right direction. I liked how this part was handled.

I also liked how it encourages couples to actually speak to resolve issues. Some ways of handling it might be a bit cliché but I liked the messaging behind it. Communication is key and solves many issues. Nothing is a smooth sail and thats ok. I liked what the screenwriter wanted to convey with this finale in terms of the focus on couples, relationships and communication.

Overall, I think “The Law Cafe” was loved by the people who stuck until the end. Did it deserve 16 episodes? No, definitely not. But what deserves 16 episodes these days anyways? I really hope more and more broadcasting stations move towards lower episodes count because it hurts good projects by extending their run beyond the script’s capacity.

Regardless, I loved the performances and the chemistry between Se Young and Seung Gi. Such amazing talents.

What did you guys think of The Law Cafe ending? do you like it or not?

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  1. It was not perfect definitely & plot could have been tighter. But overall the insane & sweet chemistry of our 2 versatile and beautiful ML & FL and the lovable supporting cast still gets a thumbs up from me and I feel this was one of the better healing legal rom-coms this year.
    Liked the messages (eg consent) conveyed by the different cases and the realities of being in a relationship/marriage weaved in.
    And a very sweet ending with all the side plots tied up nicely!

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