The Genius Behind Kim Soo Hyun Hilarious Cameo In “Crashing Landing On You” And Why People Can’t Stop Talking About It

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We finally saw Kim Soo Hyun in the hit tvN drama “Crashing Landing On You” and many can’t stop talking about it.

It’s been a couple of weeks since it was announced that Kim Soo Hyun would be making a special cameo appearance in the hit tvN drama “Crashing Landing On You,” it marks his first TV appearance in 2020 and only the second since his discharge from the military in 2019, he previously made a cameo appearance in “Hotel Del Luna.”

Fans were trying to guess what type of character Kim Soo Hyun will play in the drama and when episode 10 aired on Sunday (January 19), people went crazy.

Kim Soo Hyun takes on (for the second time) the role of Dong Gu, in case that name rings a bell that’s because he previously played the same role in the hit 2013 movie “Secretly Greatly.” Back then, Kim Soo Hyun took double roles, he played a soldier who trained in North Korea and had been deployed to act as a spy, to blend in he becomes Dong Gu, a goofy, mentally challenged young man.

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In the epilogue of “Crashing Landing On You,” Kim Soo Hyun appears in the signature green outfit and surprises our five men who were sent to South Korea to retrieve captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, he recognizes them immediately as North Koreans and orders them to walk a certain way until he escorts them to a neighborhood.

He introduces himself a North Korean who hasn’t received orders for a while when the Chinese store owner yells at him to deliver food he changes characters completely to act goofy, when the owner leaves, he turns back to being charismatic again.

He offers the five men a job at the Chinese restaurant before running away. Netizens couldn’t stop talking about his cameo appearance and the genius behind the idea to get Kim Soo Hyun to play the role of Dong gu 7 years later on TV again.

Netizens left comments like, “it was for a moment, but the acting was great, it’s like nothing had ever changed,” “wow, for real the epilogue was great today, when I saw Kim Soo Hyun I couldn’t stop laughing,” “Kim Soo Hyun is the best,” and many more similar comments.

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Have you seen his cameo appearance? what did you think of it?

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