The Boyz Change The Comeback Schedule Of Their Upcoming Album ‘BE AWAKE’ + Release Concept Trailer

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The Boyz have moved up the release date of a new album by one week.

On January 30, IST Entertainment, The Boyz’ agency, announced, “The Boyz’s 8th mini album ‘BE AWAKE’, which was originally scheduled to be released on February 27th, will be released a week earlier on February 20th.”

On January 29th, the agency announced the reason for the change of the comeback date, saying, “We have changed the comeback schedule to February 20th due to the artist’s schedule. Starting at midnight on February 6th, teaser content including concept photos will be released one after another.” 

After announcing the change in the comeback date, The Boyz released a trailer video on January 30th through their official YouTube channel, previewing the entire concept of the new album.

The trailer video, which is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long, contains a missing poster looking for boys with the phrase “HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BOYZ”, mixed with complex emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, and frustration.

Various objects such as posters that can only be seen by the members, white feathers flying on the floor, broken glasses, and cards are used to create a risky and tense atmosphere to increase tension. In addition, the appearance of the members expressing various emotions with delicate eyes and facial expressions adds to the curiosity about the new mini-album that is about to be released.

The Boyz’s 8th mini-album ‘BE AWAKE’, which will be released on February 20th, is a new look that can once again confirm the upgraded music and conceptual performances that only The Boyz can show.

The Boyz’s 8th mini album ‘BE AWAKE’ will be released on February 20th at 6 pm KST through major music sites including Melon.


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