The “2022 Genie Music Awards” Announce They Have Found Potentially Fraudulent Activities In Voting Categories, Deletes Millions Of Votes

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The “2022 Genie Music Awards” has issued an announcement that shocked fans.

On October 19, when fans went on The “2022 Genie Music Awards” website to vote for their idols to win awards, they were greeted with a message about the voting process for the IdolPlus Global popularity award, they stated they have found potentially fraudulent activities and as a result, will delete million of views.

The two artists in question are BLACKPINK and PSY. They cite high amount of unusual traffic accompanied by certain voting patterns, as a result, these fraudulent votes have been deleted and additional tools have been placed to prevent this from occurring in the future. They stated, “the Number of fraudulent voting: BLACKPINK (1,627,041), Psy (306,08).”

Meanwhile, The “2022 Genie Music Awards” will take place on November 8 at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon.

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