Thai Embassy Alerts YG Regarding The Death Threats BLACKPINK Lisa Received, YG Promises Strict Action

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Fans have been worried about BLACKPINK Lisa!

Previously, we reported on a couple of accounts on twitter and Instagram that continue to send death threats towards BLACKPINK Lisa. One particular twitter account blatantly stated they will hurt Lisa when she’s on the comeback stage with her group.

Since finding out, BLINKs have alerted YG Entertainment and when they didn’t issue a response; fans also took to the Thai embassy in South Korea to alert them as well.

On May 7, the Thailand Embassy in Korea took to their Twitter account to explain to fans that from May 2 to 6, they’ve received various DMs and emails about the issue and have notified Lisa’s agency, YG Entertainment.

On May 8, Korean news outlet shared that through correspondence by phone and e-mail, the embassy confirmed the information shared on their twitter account was true and that they’ve passed it on to YG as well. They even offered to assist Lisa since she’s a Thai national working in Korea.

YG Entertainment also issued a statement,

“At YG Entertainment, we’re doing our best for the safety and protection of our artists and fans.

We’re aware of the current situation and not only we’re doing constant monitoring, but we’re collecting and going through information sent to us by fans.

We will take strong action against these threats.”

Fans are happy to learn that YG Entertainment is aware of the issue at hand.

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In related news, BLACKPINK recently confirmed they will be coming back in June.

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