Sunmi Reveals She’s Gained 8 Kg, Fans Happy To See Her Healthy Figure

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Beloved singer Sunmi has been the topic of discussion because of her thin figure in the past. Previous photos shared by her and her fans show her thin body, many expressed their worries about their health.

She had previously told fans that she cannot gain weight easily on variety shows.

Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan April issue is out and Sunmi was the cover girl. She discussed her weight and revealed that she gained a whopping 8 Kgs, she now weighs 49 Kg, she used to weigh 41 KG at her lowest.

When asked about her slim body and if she’s the type of person that doesn’t gain weight easily, she said,

“When I was really busy, I was down to 41 Kg. But for my American tour, I gained weight up to 49 Kg.

Back then, I used to have space left when I wore pants, but not anymore.

I eat properly now and exercise frequently, that helped me gain weight.”

She also excitingly shared that she used to only wear pants because they’d fit her, now almost everything she wears fit.

Fans have noticed that Sunmi’s figure seems to be slightly thicker than usual, she had been sharing various photos of her ongoing US tour and fans reacted happily to her weight gain.

Fans left many comments such as,

“She looks a lot better.”

“She has got more fat on her, that’s good.”

“I bet it was hard to gain that much weight.”

Sunmi is currently touring the US for her world tour; she will go to Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan afterwards.

How do you feel about her recent weight gain?

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