Subin Overworked To The Point Of Exhaustion, Rushed To Hospital

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Subin worried her fans when it was reported that she was receiving treatment at a hospital because she was overworked.

On September 18, her agency Key East Entertainment confirmed that the report was actually true and shared a statement, they said,

“Subin has been hospitalized today due to overwork. She is now resting at the hospital and focusing on her health.”

The agency had also apologized to fans and added that there are no serious health concerns.

Subin debuted as a member of Dal Shabet back in 2011, she had signed a contract with Key East Entertainment back on February 2018.

She has been working on her single album hoping to come back in October but it looks like she will have to delay it since she was hospitalized for overworking herself.

Her agency has canceled all her events for the time being, it is unknown when will she return to her activities or work since the agency said the idol is now focusing on her health.

She is an idol with so much potential, she had previously produced a title track of her former group so fans expectations were high and the pressure must’ve also played a role in her sudden health scare.

Fans sent the idol best wishes for her speedy recovery stating they don’t mind waiting longer for her comeback; she should take care of herself because that’s what matters most.

Get well soon Subin!

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