Someone Just Said Hyuna Is His Wife, Hyojong Interferes And Tells Him This 

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One person just said HyunA is his wife on Hyojong’s Instagram and Hyojong had this to tell him! 

Hyojong recently posted a photo of his girlfriend HyunA to his Instagram account, one person commented on the photo saying, 


It appears that Hyojong saw his comment, he replied with,  

“no, she is mine.” 

His comment made fans laugh, the person who left this comment replied back saying, 


However, Hyojong replied with,  

“No, I love peace.”

Fans couldn’t stop talking about the interactions between Hyojong and this person.  

HyunA and Hyojong had previously teased fans and called each other fiancé sparking marriage rumors.  

The couple has recently signed with PSY new agency P-Nation, fans can’t wait to hear back from them soon.  

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