SHINee Key And Super Junior Ryeowook Indirectly Mention Their Thoughts On Current Management Dispute Inside SM

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SHINee Key and Super Junior Ryeowook have indirectly expressed their thoughts over the SM management dispute, and HYBE has announced their position on the acquisition of SM.

In light of the recent issues surrounding SM and its shareholders, the two idols have indirectly addressed the situation.

When asked to hold an encore concert for “Key ‘Killer’ Countdown Live,” which was broadcast live on YouTube on February 13, SHINee Key referring to the current management dispute between HYBE and SM, said,

Where should I talk about holding an encore concert? I’m a person who wants to do (concert) more than anyone else. I don’t know. The company is in turmoil now.”

Super Junior’s Ryeowook also mentioned “Kakao” while eating chocolate and said it is “scary.” In response, the members also joked, “You have to be careful,” giving a guess of the current situation.

As such, many people are also paying attention to the management dispute between SM and HYBE

What are your thought on this?

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