SEVENTEEN The8 To Adjust Upcoming Schedules After Fracturing His Collarbone

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SEVENTEEN’s The8 will be wearing an assistive device to carry out his upcoming schedules after he fractured his collarbone.

On February 13, SEVENTEEN’s agency Pledis Entertainment officially announced that The8’s left collarbone has been fractured and he will wear an aid to fix the fracture and minimize excessive movement until he recovers during his schedules as advised by the medical staff.”

Check out Pledis Entertainment’s statement below!

This is Pledis Entertainment.

Here are the details about SEVENTEEN member The8’s health condition. The8’s left collarbone was fractured, and medical staff diagnosed that he should wear an aid to fix the fracture and minimize excessive movement until he recovers.

Although the artist’s willingness to participate in all scheduled schedules is very strong, we plan to operate our future activities in a flexible manner, putting the opinions of medical staff and the artist’s recovery as our top priority.

Accordingly, The8 will wear an assistive device and carry out schedules such as CARAT DAY LIVE, a Chinese fan signing event, and the 2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” without being unreasonable.

We ask for your understanding on this matter. We will do our best to treat and recover so that The8 can meet fans in good health as soon as possible. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, The8 will participate in schedules such as CARAT DAY LIVE, Chinese fan signing events, and “2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING – SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND.”

Wishing The8 a speedy recovery!

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