Seungri Sits Down For An Exclusive Interview To Explain His Side Of The Story, Calls Himself A Victim

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The former BIGBANG member Seungri has been accused of several issues surrounding the “Burning Sun” club since early 2019. Chosun Ilbo sat down with Seungri on March 22 to hear his side of the story.

He says he felt embarrassed and ashamed of himself; he blames himself for his involvement in inappropriate and wrong business as a public figure.

He says about the reason why he wanted to do this interview,

“No matter what I say right now, no one will believe me, and even if I don’t get charged by the police investigation, people will also swear that I gave the money to the police.

Even though I am not in a position to insist, I am going to about the truth I know.”

[Note: this article is not the full interview but portions of the interview addressing some of the biggest accusations made against him by the press as noted by the Korean source used below.] 

The “Burning Sun” club

Seungri was previously linked to “Burning Sun” club and it was presumed he ran it directly, although he did clarify he had nothing to do with the business management, he was still suspected because of what he said about running his own businesses on “I Live Alone,” Seungri says this about his involvement with the club,

“The club and the hotel both wanted to attract foreign tourists and young customers, so my name and image were used to promote it. This probably helped fuel the misunderstandings. I enjoyed being a DJ so I didn’t think much of it, and because it was a club run at a hotel. I didn’t believe anything bad would happen.”

He also talked about the CEOs of “Burning Sun,” he says that the CEOs were in charge of everything in the club, he says that he has never even been to a meeting or ever received information about the list of employees nor has he ever been briefed about illegal activities, people using drugs or minors entering the club. He adds,

“I was only the face of the club. I lent my name and invested 10 million won through Yuri Holdings.”

He also says his pending military enlistment was the reason he resigned from the board, he also says he’s never been briefed about the assault incident that had occurred.

He also addressed the controversial photo he had taken with a Chinese woman who allegedly circulated drugs, he says he took photos with so many people at the club; he maintains his innocence and says he has submitted for drug test many times and all his tests were negative. He also adds that he was shocked when Lee Moon Ho test results came out negative.

He also addresses the tax evasion accusations surrounding the club; he calls himself a victim as well,

“If the tax evasion did happen, I am also a victim as a shareholder. I didn’t know anything at all; all I did was promote for them.”

Kakaotalk messages and chatrooms

Regarding the Kakaotalk messages of the eight people in the chatroom including Jung Joon Young and Jung Hoon among others, he explains why he had claimed them to be fabricated at first, he says,

“The text messages were from 2015. How can you remember text message from three years ago? I couldn’t remember them. I also couldn’t believe I could say something like what was being alleged. None of these messages had time stamps or context. I really believed they were fabricated.”

Alleged prostitution

He also addressed the report of alleged prostitution mediation in a conversation he had with A (on a trip to Indonesia. He says,

“I invested around two billion won (approx. $1.8 million) through him [A] and never got it back.”

He explains the man asked him to introduce him to someone who would accompany him to visit the king of Indonesia. He also adds that he never got his investment back and had pressed charges against him in 2015 but ended up withdrawing it because A had threated to tell the media.

Bribery allegations

About Senior Superintendent Yoon, who is being accused of using his position to cover up crimes, Seungri explains that Yoo In Suk introduced them to each other,

“I only knew he had worked at the Blue House, so we had meals together.

We met a total of four times after that until last winter.

We didn’t discuss clubs, he liked talking about history. I didn’t even know he was a police officer. He didn’t know BIGBANG and said to me that he had started listening to them after meeting me.

Choi Jong Hoon golfed with him but I never did.

There was no bribery. And when Yoo In Suk tried to pay for the meals, he would get angry and say he’ll get in trouble so he paid for his own meals.”

Jung Joon Young

He was also asked about why hasn’t any of their group of friends attempt to talk to Jung Joon Young about his illegal videos, he says that he did ask him to stop,

“Of course I asked him to stop, when we met offline. I told him he’d get into trouble and he should stop.

I said that to all of them, not just Jung Joon Young. It was only that it was never through text.”

Seungri wrapped up the interview sharing his hopes that the results of the investigation would be seen with an objective eye, he says he’s doing his best to help the investigation and tell the truth,

“I wish things would calm down until the investigation is over and people can see with an objective eye.”

He also says he’s apologetic to the fans, the public, YG and BIGBANG members,

“No matter the outcome, I believe I’ll have to carry this for the rest of my life. I will reflect. Seeing how my wrongdoings from few years ago caused such trouble, I find myself pathetic and shameful.”

What do you think of what he said?

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If you’d like to read the full translation of the interview, below is a twitter thread of a person who translated it word to word (you can proceed to read it below but I can’t assure its 100% accurate translation but I am providing it for the sake of clarity, if you’re curious you can read the entire interview):

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  1. Hoping this issue will be solved accordingly meaning punishing those who should be punished so as not to burden other Koop idols/groups.

  2. I do not hate him nor the other gus. Why would I, i am also a sinner. Aren’t we all? We have made bad choices and we only knows it after the result went sour. I also believe every thing will be put in place. I only wonder why the journalist or reporter or whoever only divulge all of these issues that happened 3 years ago? What is the intention ? If he/she likes to correct the mistake, he/she should do that 3 years before. Why unearth the dead, when its living you didn’t care. E

    1. I don’t hate anyone that didn’t actually have a hand in the rape, drugging, and recording, but I strongly dislike JJY for dragging people into this mess.

  3. I’ve been a kpop fan for morethan 8 years now . and i am sad seeing one of my bias was dragged with this mess . I am hoping that the result will Be reveal and those people need to be punishes should be reveal soon . If Riri was just a victim and been dragged with this issue ..If He will be accused falsely then its too much bitterness and hate he received right now.. People do mistakes ofcourse kpop idol also do mistakes .they are also a person.. My heart is aching when i am reading a bashful comments with so much pain .. I believe that the truth will come out and im hoping that seungri is innocent.

  4. Yes the truth will come out later….. that Seungri is guilty as charged; that Seungri is delusional and still trying to justify his involvement with this crime against those innocent girls, who were drugged, raped, filmed and the very act of their depravity were circulated amongst a group of arrogant and ignorant men who thought of themselves as entitled to behave in such manner!!! Shame on them!! And shame on the justice system of Korea if all of them are not punished accordingly. They should serve time in jail and reflect inside on this unacceptable and immoral behaviour!!!

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