Second Generation Idol Who Used To Be HUGE Pleads With Fans Of Other Groups To Help Her Song Chart Well

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A recent move by T-ara’s Hyomin is making netizens and fans sad!

T-ara’s Hyomin has recently made her comeback with her third mini album Allure. The album’s title track is also called “Allure (입꼬리).”

She used to be one of the most popular idols and a part of the most popular girl groups. T-ara ruled the charts back the day, however after the bullying controversy, the girls’ popularity declined and they weren’t able to get back to their previous glory.

Hyomin attracted attention for her tweets about younger generation idol groups; she asked fans of these idol groups to help her song chart well. She took to twitter to talk about MONSTA X, ITZY, Dreamcatcher and LOONA’s success on the chart, she talked about being envious of other group’s success and asked for their fans help in the process.

Her messages got fans thinking and some were pretty saddened to see her post such tweets.

To Dreamcatcher fans she wrote,

“I support Dreamcatcher, please help chart well too.”

To LOONA fans she wrote,

“Congratulations. Please help me get to the top too.”

To MONSTA X fans she wrote,

“Congratulations MONSTA X, I envy you guys and your overall chart ranking. Please help my song on the charts too.”

To ITZY fans she wrote,

“I know I am one week late, but congratulations ITZY. Please help my song on the charts.”

Netizens found it pitiful that she had to resort to such tweets to gain attention for her new single.

What do you think of what she wrote?

My Thoughts

This is sooooooooo sad, I can’t even!

Hyomin seems like a nice gal but I am sad she had to do this.

I understand its so difficult to chart but the way she phrased it was really pitiful, I think she could have phrased it in a way that doesn’t mess with her pride or lessen her value.

She could have phrased it in a better way that attracts other fandoms to her side, in a way that makes other fans want to listen to her.

I still think the whole situation with T-ara was hella sad, but don’t worry karma is a bitch and it’ll get those who hurt them. In the meantime, this isn’t the best way for her to handle her song not charting well.

I don’t think every good song charts well, some of my fav Korean songs do poorly on charts but that doesn’t mean they’re any less special to me.

I hope netizens do help her out and listen to her song, fighting!

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