Red Velvet Seulgi To Release First Solo Album

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Red Velvet’s Seulgi has announced her plans to release solo album.

On September 6, SM Entertainment said to Sports Trends, “Seulgi is preparing a solo album with the goal of releasing it in October. We ask for your interest.

Through this album, Seulgi will start her solo career after eight years of debut. Netizens are also paying keen attention to this when they heard about Seulgi’s solo album and responded positively through SNS and community, commenting, “I’m so excited to see Seulgi’s comeback,” “I’m finally excited to see Seulgi’s solo activities,” and “I’m looking forward to what concept she will show us.”

Meanwhile, Seulgi made her debut as Red Velvet in 2014, making many hit songs such as “Red Flavor,” “Peek A Boo,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Feel My Rhythm.”

She released her first mini-album “Monster” with member Irene on July 6, 2020, showing her musical ability with an unrivaled performance. As she is the main dancer and the lead vocalist of Red Velvet, interest in her solo album is rising.

Are you excited about Seulgi’s solo album?

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