[TRENDING] Police To Investigate BIGBANG Daesung Building Controversy, YG Releases His Apology

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As previously reported, Channel A released an exclusive report detailing what could be illegal activities taking place in a building in Gangnam that is owned by BIGBANG Daesung.

In an initial response, Daesung real estate representative denied he had knowledge of what’s going on in the building, you can read more here.

On July 26, YG Entertainment shared Daesung’s statement, in his statement he apologizes for causing worry. He also explains the building was bought ahead of his enlistment; he apologized for his inexperience in managing the building.

He also says that at the time he bought the building there were already tenants so he wasn’t aware of the activities taking place. He promised legal action against these tenants as he plans on investigating the matter. He apologized once again and says he’s deeply reflecting.

Things took a serious turn when the police got involved. The Seoul Gangnam police have also released a statement; they said they would be examining the possibility to see if Daseung’s case counts as aiding or abetting regarding the illegal businesses going on in his building.

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. Wht happened yg artist. Other people doing.
    Put head the artist. Scandal. Honesti think. Someone big enemy in Yang Yung suk.
    The artist inocent involved bcz the talent.
    Some artist like making insure in the future.
    Bcz not longtime in artist.
    At least have income in future.

    Better some artist keep only money In bank.
    Later invest. In business.
    Now all artist if making business all suspicious.
    Sure 1big enemy former CEO all using scandal for artist.

  2. Some agency talent.
    In korea.imposible no scandal drugs. Only silent The other talent. Affraid scandal.
    Even famous American artist using drugs.
    Wheytney Houston
    Justin Bieber
    Michael Jackson.
    So many.
    Every one is human.
    But still popular in music industry some artist overdose. That’s why Dead.
    Korean K-pop. Is like only like drama artist every one is human.
    If mistakes in past or not.
    Give second chance some artist.
    Music is music.
    I hope everyone is peace and clear.

    1. You are dumb and unaware of Korean culture. Different countries have different rules. Drugs, prostitution, illegal export import these are some big issues in Korea cause Korea is not well built n economically well developed. They are one small country. Idols, actors or whatever, if you you know everyone has to do service for government. Why not in USA? Justin, post melon, ask them to serve for their country. Picking up things which does make sense won’t make smart and broad mind. Question bout YG? Hell management with idol they have. Numerous media play YG has done. Daesang is not very pure. If you know bout accident. Secondly. If they didn’t do anything wrong, they won’t be sued. So chill.

  3. I’m not from korea but i follow the kpop issues specially this of bigbang and i cannot help but wonder why they are being singled out… seungri with all the evidences, i would say maybe there’s some truth in it but this one of daesung is way over the top. Did YG stepped on some toes? I feel bigbang members worked so hard to be where they are now and in many ways contributed to Korea being known in the music industry, i feel they should not be treated this way. I’m an elderly woman, been in business too and i know there is someone behind all these. I feel sad for big bang.

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