Daesung Is The Next BIGBANG Member To Be Involved In Controversy, His Building Suspected Of Containing Illegal Activities

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2019 is just not the year for BIGBANG!

On July 25, Channel A “News A” released an explosive report about a building owned by Daesung, the report alleges illegal entertainment businesses activities could be happening in his building.

The building was purchased ahead of his enlistment back in 2017; he purchased it for $26.3 million. Channel A reports that on the floors there are businesses operating in the adult entertainment sector. Channel A also reported that some of those businesses could be involved in mediating prostitution services.

The building is located in the heart of Gangnam district and brings in a large sum of money for rent alone each month. The register of the building states that on the floors there are supposed to be restaurants and photography studios.

Things take a darker turn when a staff member of the show went to the building to check out the restaurants and found no signs that advertise the businesses as you’d usually find. The staff also found that three floors couldn’t be accessed through the elevator.

The 8th floor which was supposed to be a photography studio had fences and was not accessible to anyone which raises red flags.

An internal source also alleges that prostitution took place in that building. When Channel A interviewed people living around the building many said that the businesses only operated at night and they’d frequently see women enter rooms full of men and later escorted out to expensive imported cars.

In response to the report, Daesung’s real estate representative told news outlets that Daesung had no knowledge of that and is in no way affiliated with the building businesses,

“He thought the businesses were operating as stated on their licenses.”

The representative also adds that they plan on checking the building and if illegal activities are taking place, they will cancel their lease.

The representative statement raises eyebrows as it doesn’t flat out deny the report by Channel A. For now, it is unknown what would Daesung punishment be if illegal activities were proven to be taking place. There are conflicting reports on the level of responsibility a building owner must bear if illegal activities are proven to be taking place on their property.

Stay tuned for updates!

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