PLEDIS Entertainment Website Hacked By A Huge PRISTIN Fan Who Left These Messages

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PLEDIS Entertainment woke up to some bad news today.

Earlier today, fans who visited PLEDIS Entertainment website noticed that the website looked weird, apparently, it was hacked and the hacker seems to be a huge PRISTIN fan judging by the types of messages they left.

The website name was changed from PLEDIS Entertainment to PLEDIS WORST Entertainment; some of the messages left were,

“PLEDIS sucks.”

“PRISTIN deserved better.”

“PLEDIS is the worst entertainment in Kpop,”

And much more, check out photos of the hack below:

The funny thing is PLEDIS Entertainment didn’t even know their website was hacked even hours after the hack happened; fans were still able to see the new changed version of the website. The hacker also left links for the group that debuted with some PRISTIN members after their disbandment.

As of this writing, PLEDIS seems to be aware of what happened, the website is currently inaccessible.

Here is how fans reacted:

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