A Day After Big Hit Took Over Pledis, Its CEO Han Sung Soo Is Accused Of Fraudulently Taking Royalties From IZ*ONE Songs

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Pledis Entertainment’s CEO Han Sung Soo is under fire after Dispatch recent report.

On May 26, Dispatch published a report about Han Sung Soo and they’re accusing him of fraudulently taking copyright royalties.

The issue was raised when a lyricist called SO JAY participated in 8 of IZ*ONE’s songs. This lyricist hasn’t had any previous songs under her name prior to working on IZ*ONE’s songs and was only registered in November of 2018, how could an unknown lyricist get the chance to work with one of the biggest girl groups currently promoting?

After looking into the issue, it turns out that SO JAY was revealed to be Han Sung Soo’s wife. Dispatch claims that she didn’t participate in writing any of the lyrics. Han Sung Soo’s wife has only worked as a visual director in the past. It is known that she has no musical capacity, so how did she do it?

Pledis Entertainment says that So JAY is actually Han Sung Soo just using his wife’s name. However, Dispatch argues that he was already receiving money as the producer of IZ*ONE and is thus taking extra money for the lyricist fees.

An insider told Dispatch,

“I think he’s been wary of CJ because he already receives income for producing. If he’s got nothing to hide, he doesn’t need to use his wife’s name.”

Dispatch goes on to claim that there are tax consequences as well.

An anonymous composer told Dispatch that it’s a wide spread issue in the industry, especially in the OST industry. Dispatch also included Han Sung Soo’s response to the issue and he emphasized that there are no problems with taxes of malpractice; he says he only wanted to get paid for his work and added,

“I wanted to be recognized for my participation. I didn’t think much of it. I couldn’t retain the producer’s dignity and became greedy. I’m sorry.”

In related news, Big Hit became the major shareholder of Pledis Entertainment last night.

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