Park Yoochun Sued By An Acquaintance For A Dog Bite 7 Years Ago

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On January 17, it was revealed that Park Yoochun’s acquaintance “A” has sued him for charges of negligence resulting in injury.

According to Yonhap News, back then “A” visited Park Yoochun’s house and was bitten in the eye area by his dog. Back then, “A” didn’t seek any legal actions after receiving an apology, but since the aftereffects of the treatment became more severe, “A” decided to take legal actions.

According to C-JeS Entertainment, the idol’s manager acquaintance back then visited Park Yoochun’s house, when “A” went to look at Park Yoochun’s dog in the verandah, “A” was attacked.

The agency explained that Park Yoochun and his manager visited “A” in the hospital and apologized, Park Yoochun paid for the treatment through the manager.

C-JeS Entertainment further stated,

“Last week we had received a request from “A” to be compensated for 1.2 billion won (approx.. $1.1 million). We found out about the lawsuit today. Park Yoochun has not been in contact with “A” for the past 7 years, so he didn’t know whether “A” was still receiving treatment or not. We’re currently reviewing the documents we received.”

The agency concluded their statement with stating that they’ll be reviewing the full details of the case and will be working with the police to solve this issue as soon as possible.

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