Oh My Girl YooA Is Getting Backlash For Mentioning ASTRO In Their Winning Speech And The Reason Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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In today’s ‘mind-boggling’ news, Oh My Girl YooA is getting backlash for mentioning ASTRO in their group winning speech but why?

Oh My Girl has recently gained a lot of new fans with the massive success of their recent comeback, they’ve managed to win on so many music shows, but the group’s winning speech from one of those shows has one netizen up in arms for whatever reason.

In the speech, YooA says,

“We thought we wouldn’t get it today… but ASTRO guys must receive the award next time, lets win together…”

The comment was welcomed by many of Oh My Girl and ASTRO fans who loved the fact that YooA showed support for ASTRO with her kind comments, however, one netizen on Pann thinks it was uncalled for and rude… why? Apparently because it would make ASTRO sad, and it appeared as if she’s trying to shame them.

The netizen who posted on the online community says if she has common sense, it isn’t something she should say, and apparently, a bunch of other netizens also agree with her/him.

Here are some of their comments:

I don’t think that was the right thing to say

She’s not trying to shame them but its true that it was rude to comment that, stop shielding…

they should be more careful with their words

and more.

What do you think of this? Do you think the ‘backlash’ was necessary?


Note: the article has been corrected, the two groups aren’t part of the same agency

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