NU’EST Have Renewed Their Contract With Pledis Entertainment

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NU’EST have renewed their contract with their agency Pledis Entertainment, Leader JR revealed in a heartfelt handwritten letter to the group’s official fan café.

On January 31st, he posted the letter letting fans know that all of NU’EST members have renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment.

In the letter, he talked about promises and told fans that they’ve decided to be with Pledis Entertainment CEO and family once again to show more growth and improvements for the group.

Shortly after the letter he posted, Pledis Entertainment released an official statement confirming the five members JR (real name: Kim Jong Hyun), Aron, Baekho (real name: Kang Dong Ho), Minhyun (real name: Hwang Min Hyun), and Ren (real name: Choi Min Ki) have all renewed their contracts with the agency.

According to Xport News, in their official statement the agency promised to fully support the group and individual members’ activities in the future, they also cited ‘continuous growth and improvement for the group’ as the reason NU’EST decided to renew.’EST-contract.jpg

NU’EST debuted back in 2012, their debut was received well by the public but shortly after that the group fell off people’s radar despite their immense talent.

Back in 2017, the entire group members except for Aron appeared on the second season of Produce 101 revealing this was their last chance to find success because they’ve been on the brink of disbandment due to the little success they had.

The members themselves opened up on Produce 101 explaining this was their one last chance, luckily for them, the show was a smashing success and the boys popularity skyrocketed during the show.

Only member, Minhyun, of the four participating members was able to make the final cut and debut in Wanna One. The rest returned to their agency to promote in the temporary sub unit NU’EST W.

NU’EST W went on to find immense success domestically and internationally, with each release topping major Korean real-time charts.

Due to the contract nature of Produce 101, Minhyun wasn’t allowed to promote with his group, he only recently returned to his group after Wanna One disbanded back on December 31st.

NU’EST fans knew the group contracts were expiring soon but the majority believed the members would renew with their agency. Despite the difficult times they faced, they have found success again as a group.

NU’EST is now one of the few Kpop groups that have managed to break the 7-year-jinx.

Wishing them all the success!

My Thoughts

I kinda expected this!

I was one of the people who liked NU’EST before Produce 101 and I was against the embarrassing thought of having them train alongside rookie idols/trainees for a spot in the final group.

I also knew this was their last chance and when they cried talking it about my heart broke into pieces. Despite the fact that I was not happy initially, I was so relieved when I saw people started paying attention to them and streamed their songs again.

Despite the fact that it must’ve been an extremely difficult decision it did lead to huge success afterwards. I was also almost certain they’d renew with Pledis.

Pledis doesn’t know how to promote their talented artists well and a lot of fans don’t like the way they manage their artists. Despite the fact that I don’t like the agency management efforts with this particular group, I was happy to see NU’EST given full support following Produce 101.

Its sad that people only pay attention to you if you make them enough money but that’s the case with almost everything.

It’s a new chapter, I wish the members all the success in the world, I know they deserve it.

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