Netizens Suspect Rookie Group CRAVITY Of Plagiarizing EXO’s MV Concepts And Logo After Seeing Their Debut MV

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New Starship Boy Group CRAVITY is already running into controversy!

A couple of days ago, a post on Nate gained attention. The post compares CRAVITY MV to that of EXO. Various screenshots were posted of CRAVITY’s MV and they look very similar to other EXO MVs of their previous releases notably “Tempo” And “Overdose.”

The netizen who posted the screenshots asks not to blame CRAVITY and requests a clarification from their label instead,

“I can guarantee anyone who isn’t stanning either group won’t be able to distinguish which one belongs to which group.”

Not only the screenshots are being brought to question but the logos designs as well. Take a look below:

Some people are brushing off these accusations as only inspiration, while others aren’t very happy to see how similar screenshots from EXO and CRAVITY MVs are. There are also those who believe the MV directors could’ve been the same which explains why they’re similar.

Starship hasn’t issued a response to this yet. Stay tuned for possible updates!

What do you think of this?

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