Netizens Refuse FNC’s Explanation Of AOA Jimin Worrisome Weight Loss, Some Fear She’s Sick

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Earlier today photos of AOA Jimin took the internet by storm and not for a very good reason.

The beloved idol uploaded a couple of photos to her Instagram account; however, she looked nearly unrecognizable prompting fans to ask for an explanation.

FNC Entertainment did release a statement, in it, they explained she’s healthy and working out. However, instead of fans’ worries calming down they got worse, fans didn’t like the explanation and some didn’t believe it.

Netizens and international fans are both having the same thoughts, they don’t believe everything’s okay and some fear she’s sick and needs help. Fans sent her encouraging messages in many languages asking of her to take good care of herself.

Some of netizens comments were,

“[+452, -25] How can there be nothing wrong with her health when she’s nothing but bones? She looks like an anorexia patient.”

“[+306, -12] No, there does look something wrong.”

“[+248, -55] Then is there something wrong with her mind? Because it’s obvious there’s a problem here…”

“[+67, -3] Maybe she got surgery on her jaw?? I remember UEE got jaw surgery and she thinned down a ton, maybe because it’s harder to eat.”

“[+498, -9] How did she become a skeleton just by exercising?”

“[+334, -7] Seems like anorexia”

“[+215, -2] For someone who’s been exercising, I don’t see any muscles. She looks like an anorexia patient… she needs to gain some weight.”

“[+108, -0] I can see why fans are concerned….”

“[+296, -2] She does look sick though…”

“[+116, -2] No way that there’s nothing wrong when she’s this thin.”

How do you feel about this?

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My Thoughts

I am also still deeply worried. When I saw the photos, my jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I am not a fan of AOA but I know Jimin and have seen her on variety shows before, her face is familiar to me and I remembered her looking a certain way not this way.

If you compare photos of last year to this year, there is an obvious difference, she has slimmed down.

Some suggest she’s gone under the knife but I honestly don’t know, I wish it would be this because if its not, then it probably means she lost so much weight her whole face withered like this.

I hope that when she sees fans messages of concerns she doesn’t feel bad about herself. if she’s sick, I hope she gets the help she needs.

I don’t know if FNC stated that statement to the press because Jimin told them to and what the motive behind it is. So I would suggest not to be quick to point fingers and curse out FNC, we don’t know the full story!

If she’s fine, then its all good! If not, I hope she and her family and close friends notice fans message and get involved to help her through it.

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