Netizens Criticize Hyorin ‘Provocative’ Performance At 2018 KBS Drama Awards

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Hyorin is turning heads and making jaws drop with her performance at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards.

On December 31st, Hyorin graced the stage of 2018 KBS Drama Awards to perform during the second half of the event. However, her performance didn’t land well with netizens.

She performed her OST of “Black Knight” and performed her solo track “Dally.” She danced in one piece sexy dress that turned heads at the event.

Netizens reacted negatively to the performance saying that she was overboard and took it too far, many explaining that there is a time and place for a sexy performance and a drama awards show isn’t it.

The actors in the audience also didn’t know how to react, some of the male actors had to look away while others jaws dropped watching her perform.

You can check out the full performance below:

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Some are comparing her dress to that of Hwasa, Hwasa worn a one piece red outfit at 2018 MAMA and received criticism for it.

You can check out netizens comments here.

My Thoughts

First things first, Hyorin can wear whatever she wants, its her body……However, having said this doesn’t mean that people won’t necessarily have feelings about what she wears, if you wear something your culture considers provocative, you will be talked about.

She’s an amazing performer and the song “Dally” is hella sexy. This aired on KBS and we all know that KBS censor the hell of Kpop songs on their channel for some pretty weird reasons sometimes.

For example, Winner’s “Island” was banned for “Homosexual imagery”, Stellar (a sexy group with a sexy concept) had one of their songs banned because it had “Explicit dance moves.”

When I compare Stellar’s song to Hyorin there isn’t much difference.

In my opinion, this wasn’t it! There is a time and a place for such performance and a drama awards show isn’t that place, its not because I hate that she did it or think she looked ugly or bad but because it didn’t feel right performing like that at an award show that is largely watched by netizens with their parents. Older audience also watches these shows as well with their families.

Its not that big of a deal for me personally but I kept seeing her articles trending on Naver even when Kai and Jennie were making headlines for their dating news, people were extremely harsh in the comment sections of her articles.

There is a cultural difference between us and Korea, it also has to do with a family show so I don’t know if its appropriate to call netizens reactions unfounded here.

Sometimes I agree with netizens, often times I don’t, but there are instances where I can’t really call their comments ‘ridiculous’ because their culture differs from mine and probably yours. They’re a conservative country in their own ways and this doesn’t align with their traditions (I believe).

Whats your reaction to this article?


  1. Realy the Korean culture is full of mixed. They respects elders and woman but there is so much difference between woman and man in kpop.
    Girls should be inosent and sweet only when man whan it. When she is sexy because she want it , it is bad.
    I think that SHE took her life in her hands. SHE IS GORGEOUS.

  2. Hmmm who invited Hyolyn to the awards I wonder ( sarcasm) ??!!! I heard the network invited her to perform and if they invite someone they know exactly what the artist will be performing just saying the thing is, that South Korea is still very much conservative therefore idols will get hate for this kind of performances but it dosent matter because the networks are slowly accepting changes and people slowly will get used to it

  3. People are saying kids watch this show. Kids in Korea truly are interested in watching Drama Awards? I find that a little hard to believe. Personally, her outfit was more conservative than swim suits or what do Koreans wear when they swim, towels? I find it odd that Korea is so conservative yet have a booming prostitution market. According to the Korean Women’s Institute it makes BILLIONS a year for Korea’s domestic income. How conservative are you really when 1 in 4 men visit a prostitute on averge 4 TIMES a month? I can totally understand their desire to be conservative but with the prostitution rates they have, they are far from being so offended by a little dancing.

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