Netizens Continue To Debate MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Daring Outfit Choice This Time In 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon

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MAMAMOO Hwasa made headlines again for her choice of outfit but this time at 2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon, an end-year event where many idols performed for their fans.

2018 SBS Gayo Daejeon was held on December 25, idols from the big three agencies as well as many other groups attended the event and performed at it. The event scored good viewership ratings, all groups gave amazing performances that shall be remembered for years to come.

MAMAMOO performed at the event two of their hit tracks “Starry Night” and “Wind Flower”, Hwasa gained attention again for her choice of outfit at the event.

Previously, Hwasa received mixed reactions from netizens for her outfit that she wore at 2018 MAMA, it became such a hot topic that her agency had to release a statement about it.

This time she wore a sexy lingerie style one-piece black outfit and it stole the show. International fans fell in love with her outfit again and her sexiness on stage, they also praised her for not changing her outfit style because of 2018 MAMA buzz.

Netizens, on the other hand, had mixed responses. Some calling the outfit sexy, others calling it gross. An article written by Newsen received negative reactions mostly on Naver.

Here are some of their reactions (source):

1. [+645, -59] It was a year-end award show that a lot of families watch together. The outfit was a bit much for that. She would’ve still looked perfectly amazing if she had covered up.

2. [+508, -113] So it’s girl crush when Whasa does it, lolita when IU does it, sexualizing the female gender when Sungso does it… all these standards and biases, it feels like it’s the women who shackle other women down. It’s their own body and they’re allowed to do what they want with it but of course it’ll be another woman being sacrificed in the end for these decisions.

3. [+392, -79] She’s filled with talent, why was this necessary… as a fellow woman, it was a bit much to watch

4. [+219, -98] Gross

5. [+172, -71] Is she an attention wh*re?

6. [+80, -7] She needs to dress appropriately for the occasion. I was embarrassed in case the kids were watching. Why is she so focused on stripping down than on her skills?

7. [+71, -1] Why would you wear an outfit that’s more appropriate for a 19+ rated night show than a teens awards show? Both the singer and the agency are crazy for allowing this

8. [+60, -2] Even if it’s a ‘sexy concept’, this crosses the line. The entire outfit feels more like “was that necessary…?”

9. [+56, -5] I’m a fan and I’ll admit this was… much. It makes her look obsessed with showing skin. When choosing to show skin, there’s a time and place for all manners of outfits but she just seems like an attention wh*re here. She clearly knows her outfits have been controversial and in the media so why would she continue to dress like this?

10. [+35, -5] It’s always the ugly ones who love grabbing attention like this, like CL…

11. [+36, -7] Her hip line is gross

12. [+30, -4] It’s getting worse and worse, enough’s enough

13. [+35, -10] Well wasn’t EXO the last performance? What about that one member who had his one nipple showing with half a bra on, was that okay?
– It was Kai… ㅋ I personally found it a bit embarassing
– His outfit made me go “what is that?” ㅋㅋ

14. [+24, -2] Can she please get in the media for her songs and not her outfits all the time. That outfit would be fine at her own concert but not on a public broadcast ceremony. I think anyone who thinks this is cool is insane.

15. [+22, -1] I understand being young and wanting to show yourself off but she’s talented enough where she’d be applauded for just showing her skills in a tuxedo and bolero. Enough with this now~’s-2018-SBS-Gayo-Daejeon.jpg’s-2018-SBS-Gayo-Daejeon.jpg

What did you think of her outfit?

Whats your reaction to this article?


  1. So what if she wears something revealing? She’s a grown a** woman and it’s her outfit choice and not yours. If you or some korean media don’t like it then F off.

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