NCT Lucas Apologizes After Getting Accused Of Cheating, Leeching And Gaslighting By Two Women, SM Halts All Of His Activities

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NCT/WayV Lucas is under fire for cheating, gaslighting, and more by multiple women, here is why it started and SM’s response to the issue.

The controversy began on August 23 with a Korean woman [hereinafter A] posted a thread claiming she uses to date Lucas and that he used to leech money off of her and gaslight her.

A claims she used to buy him expensive gifts, and book him accommodation at luxury hotels. A claims she suffered depression because of him. She also shared posted a photo of her conversation with Lucas through the Chinese mobile app WeChat, which included Lucas’ voice message that he had allegedly sent her. 

Fans went into full detective mode and uncovered what they believed to be evidence that A was lying about the entire controversy and fabricating the proof she put out.

With the first allegations against him, Korean media outlets reached out to SM, SM refused to address the rumors and issue a statement on the matter.

While things initially died down, another woman came out with accusations against him and they were very similar to A’s accusations, this time, the woman had more proof of the things she bought him and even shared photos of him wearing the things she had bought.

The woman [hereinafter B] said she wasn’t going to reveal this because they somewhat had broken up on good terms, however, she has seen the allegations against him and found out he’s been two-timing her with another woman and was upset.

B claims NCT Lucas approached her and slept with her, he asked for expensive gifts and claimed she was the only one he’s dating at the time. She shared photos of him wearing the jacket she bought him and another photo of him sleeping not to mention the chat logs of their conversations.

B also claims he badmouthed his fellow NCT members saying they were disobedient, lazy, and difficult to guide. B claims Lucas said one member stole his fashion job and he allegedly also called trainees who hadn’t debuted garbage.

WayV Lucas‘ largest Chinese fansite, LUCAS CNFC (Chinese Fanclub) has closed down and the admins resigned collectively.

With the new allegations against him, SM issued an apology and so did Lucas.

In their apology, SM says they recognized the seriousness of this matter and have decided to halt all of his activities. All of the contents for WayV’s Lucas and Hendery’s single “Jalapeño,” including the song and music video that were scheduled to be released on August 25 at 6 p.m. KST will be halted.

SM also says Lucas is deeply apologetic for causing pain and disappointment for his wrong behavior.

Lucas also issued a personal apology letter in Chinese on Instagram which was also translated to Korean in the captions, he mentions this was done with the help of people around him, it reads,

“This is Lucas.

I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my wrong behavior. If you give me a chance, I’d like to apologize in person.

I’m truly sorry to the fans who gave me so much love and support.

Looking at the situation the last few days, I looked back at my past behavior and sincerely reflected on myself. My past actions, which I looked back on like that, were definitely wrong, and it was an irresponsible behavior of me for abandoning the love and support that the fans have given me for a long time.

Once again, I would like to apologize to everyone who felt disappointed by my actions.
I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and I want to stop all scheduled activities and have time to reflect on myself.

Lastly, I’d like to apologize for the damage caused to our members, company staff, cooperative firms, and broadcasting station staff.
I am truly sorry.”

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