N.Flying To Make Comeback Before Members Cha Hun And Jaehyun’s Military Enlistment

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N.Flying is reportedly gearing up for a comeback which will be their last for some time before two members enlist in the military.

On September 26, media outlets reported that the group will be making a comeback next month ahead of Cha Hun and Jaehyun’s military enlistment.

The group will release their 8th mini-album on October 17 which will mark their first release nearly one year after their last comeback with “Turbulence.”

Cha Hun and Jaehyun are expected to enlist in the military before 2022 ends. Yoo Hwe Seung had previously completed his military service prior to his debut while Seunghyub received a formal exemption due to two legs surgeries. The youngest member Seo Dong Sung has a few years left before he must enlist in the military.

On September 28, the group shared the teaser for the upcoming comeback titled “Dearest” to be released on October 17.

Are you excited about N.Flying comeback?

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