[TRENDING] MONSTA X Shownu Revealed To Have Undergone Emergency Eye Surgery

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MONSTA X Shownu has undergone an emergency surgery for retinal detachment.

On July 3, Starship Entertainment released a statement on twitter announcing that Shownu recently undergone emergency surgery. Shownu will be taking a break for the time being and his upcoming schedules will be decided once he recovers.

Read the statement below:

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to make an announcement regarding Shownu of MONSTA X.

While Shownu was undergoing an ophthalmic examination for the LASIK surgery originally scheduled on the 2nd of July, it was found that he had some problems with his retina.

Under the doctor’s opinion, Shownu got a thorough medical examination.

As a result, Shownu was diagnosed with ‘Left Retinal Detachment (Amotio Retinae)” and had to go through an emergency surgery this afternoon.

As Starship Entertainment put priorities on the artist’s condition, the company will put an effort so that Shownu can recover fast in a safe condition.

We will make a further announcement on the artist’s upcoming schedule separately once we get the doctor’s opinion on Shownu’s recovery status.

We sincerely extend our apologies to all the fans who are giving love and support to MONSTA X.

Starship will continue to try our best in taking good care of the artist’s condition. Thank you.”

Wishing Shownu a speedy recovery!

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