What MONSTA X Shownu Said About His Upcoming Military Enlistment Plans Has Fans In Tears Already

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MONSTA X Shownu has opened up about his pending military enlistment.

On May 26, MONSTA X held an online comeback showcase for “FANTASIA X,” the comeback was originally delayed due to one member injury and has finally been released today.

Shownu was born in 1992 and must enlist for the military this year according to Korean military law, when asked about his plans for military, Shownu says that he will fulfill his duties but nothing has been confirmed yet.

“The specific enlistment date period hasn’t been announced yet. Since there isn’t anything set yet, I would like to fulfill all I can with MONSTA X right now and everything that I’m responsible for.

All of the members, including me, have grown MONSTA X to where it is now step by step. We’d like to give back to our fans through good performances and music.”

If you’re curious, you can check out the list of Kpop idols who must enlist this year from here.

Will you miss Shownu once he enlists?

If you haven’t already, check out MONSTA X’s new comeback song:

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