Mark Apologizes Saying ‘I’m Sorry We’re Not BTS’ When Locals Ask NCT If They’re BTS

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NCT127 is currently in New York; however, they’ve been through some unpleasant incidents.

The first one is about a man who gave Mark the middle finger for no apparent reason, the moment was captured by a fan and has seriously angered NCT fandom.

The video:

The boys were in Time Squares sightseeing and according to various fans, people kept asking them if they were BTS, the boys had to explain they were NCT not BTS.

According to many fans, the boys were being asked rudely by those around them who thought they were BTS.

The fan loudly said that the boys are called NCT and the boys cheered her on when they heard her.

Watch the clip below:

A fan captured a moment in which Mark apologized for not being BTS, he said,

“I’m sorry, we are not BTS.”

The video has gone viral since then and fans are both angry and sad by both incidents.

What do you think of this?

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By Kevin Miller

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  1. It’s tragic this happened to them. I’m sure people know who BTS are…and doing this in my opinion, is to cause other Korean artist to have an inward dislike for BTS. The market they are in is highly competitive, and artist can feel undue or warranted pressure because of overzealous and ridiculously stupid a tons like this.

    There will never be another BTS, just like there will never be another NCT. Each group has they own flavor, ideals, and should be allowed the space to showcase that uniqueness….if you gravitate to NCT great, but don’t be disrespectful and say hurtful things…it’s ugly and speaks volumes about you as a person, if you are participating in this.

    I love both groups, and wish them both all the success in the world. Music is the language that crosses, every boundary and units all of us…let’s be good people, always.

  2. If they asked if they were BTS, they obviously don’t know who BTS is. They’ve just heard of them. BTS is not household in the US. Their success has been Army. They have not had a hit single because average music buyers are not buying them. Army buys their music and will buy it again and again. Many people still have no clue what they look like and do not watch them.The media has aided in the fallacy that BTS is loved by mass America. It started with the lie about a standing Ovation. You can watch MANY fan vids online and see that the middle section nor most of the back were not standing for BTS at all. Even for their performance the camera kept showing Army because you had people who were not smiling, did not look entertained at all and some were even sitting down with their arms crossed or sitting and chatting on their cells. The front section had already been standing. People buy into the media play. Even when BTS performed at the awards, other artist who had performed had high sales jump for their records from US buyers. BTS did not. It was further compounded by them topping the Hot 200. Many Americans noticed they did it Each time because they had NO COMPETITION. I noticed it and I’ve read the comments from others who noticed. Those people won’t buy BTS and give them no respect because they feel they didn’t really earn number 1. They didn’t go up against any artists and I’m sure that was perfectly planned. BTS is popular but not household like PSY was. BTS has had massive exposure in the US and if the average music fan had liked them, they would’ve had a hit song by now. So most likely these people don’t mean to be rude. Some people may hear of them in passing. I feel bad for NCT. What doesn’t make sense is the person that gave him the finger. He called Mark by name so that is confusing.

    1. I dont see Why you had to drag bts down just to explaine that nct is not bts what has bts being nr1 on the hot 200 and poeple cheering for them or not have to do with the diffrence between bts and nct. if your mad that bts is doing better than nct (worldwide by the way not only the USA) just say so if you want to be a hater at least admit to it. and i dont think you have the right to say wheter bts deserves something or not they work hard like any one else in the music industrie so watch your mouth next time thank you

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