MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Savage Response To Being Reported To Police For Recent Performance Goes Viral

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Singer Hwasa who was reported to the police by a group of parents after her performance at a university festival, has clapped back in the most epic way possible.

On July 15, Hwasa performed at PSY’s famous Summer Swag festival stop in Yeosu. She performed her hit songs and during her performance, briefly addressed the recent reports about her being reported to police for a recent performance.

In between performances, Hwasa talked to fans and admitted her vocal condition was not the best, and with that, she addressed the reports, she said, “I was more worried about missing the high note because of my sore throat rather than being sued.”

Upon hearing this, the crowd cheered for Hwasa.

Previously, Hwasa’s agency, P Nation, responded to the and said, “We are aware that the police are currently reviewing the case.”

Earlier, the Seoul Seongdong Police Station stated that the Student Parents’ Rights Protection Association had recently filed a complaint against Hwasa on charges of performing an obscene act during the festival, and an investigation has been initiated.

It was revealed that the Student Parents’ Rights Protection Association filed the complaint against Hwasa, claiming that her performance at the university festival in May caused discomfort among the audience due to its inappropriate nature.

In May, Hwasa sparked controversy with her provocative dance performance at a university festival in Seoul’s Jongno district. However, there were also opinions suggesting that since the performance was targeted towards college students, it should be viewed as art.

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