MAMAMOO Criticized For Using Leash On Male Dancers During “Queendom” Performance

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Was MAMAMOO stage ok or unacceptable? 

People are still talking about “Queendom” recent performances, many of them went viral and people praised the participating girl groups for their covers.

However, not all of it was sunshine and praise. A post on Pann discusses MAMAMOO using leash on men during a segment of their performance of AOA’s song “Good Luck.”

Some netizens pointed out that a certain part of the performance was not acceptable. Moonbyul can be seen holding a leash that was attached to two male dancers’ necks.

While the particular segment was only a couple of seconds, many pointed out the hypocrisy and how Moonbyul would’ve been in a bigger controversy had it been the opposite, a male idol holding leash on two female dancers.

Some criticized the group for doing a dance like this these days. Others called in the double standards in the entertainment business.

“They consider women controlling men girl crush but men controlling women misogyny… The double standards.”

Other netizens seem to disagree with some of the top voted comments that criticize the dance and stated that it’s simply ‘a dance’ and shouldn’t be made into an issue.

What do you personally think of this? You can check out the performance and judge for yourself below:

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Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. What do I Think? youre too overacting for nonsense. The hell!! thats not even a issue after all so close minded people.. I really hate that!! Really making issue? such a pity! you too people are the cancerous in this world.

  2. How can you forget that G-Dragon did that to a black female dancer in the BANG BANG BANG MV? This double standards thing is BS because no one called out GD, a male singer, for doing that. But when it’s a female singer, they always critize them.

    1. They did call him out. Still people cririzice it but for the girls is ok? If it is ok for them they should leave gd out. Plus gd didn’t suggest it, the woman choreographer did. Also the choreographer was the woman in the leash

      1. Wtf ? The management is the one to blame and plz remember that gd did the same thing to the female dancer but no one not a single person has an issue about it this is bs af!!

      1. Oh my gosh. Korean people have so much safety in there country. They need to chill. In the music video Chained Up by VIXX, they had 2 males tied. What makes Mamamoo so different? Koreans: “oh it’s disturbing and shes a women~” like c’mon now. It wasn’t meant sexually or abusive…the ties didn’t look tight on them, they were loose. Nobody had a problem with it, but now they do. Like oml…

    1. Because we are adult and understand that there are people that like fetish of submission and domination. What is wrong with that? This people need to chill

  3. I honestly don’t see why this is news this is not the first time that Moonbyul has dowlne this kind of performance with men chained up they did at one of there concerts not so recently and I don’t understand why people are being so no justice warrior over it and all honesty although I am bias when it comes to mamamoo this is just pointless
    Making a mountain out of a molehill

  4. People called Gdragon out because of bang bang bang choreography that has a woman in a leash( the funny thing is that the women in the leash is the choreographer and she suggested it) so if it is not good for gd can’t be good for them. Hypocrisy.

  5. I don’t remember the world going crazy when G Dragon did this on the music video for “BANG BANG BANG”, he was holding one of the female dancers on a leash and everyone was like.. WOOAA!! THAT’S
    SO COOL!!
    If men can why womens wouldn’t?

  6. Knetizens always are whining about something. If it’s your mom it’s different but if the Male dancers were fine with it why are you mad it’s a performance to entertain! They aren’t walking them everywhere they go!

  7. I feel like people are just bashing on Mamamoo and are just looking for a way to shame them. I’m not sure why people think that segment in the dance is a bad thing, I mean I remember seeing something like this in Step Up movies. Why can’t amazingly talented artists like Mamamoo do something similar?? GD also can be seen doing something similar in Big Bang’s Fantasic Baby MV, why is Moonbyul and Mamamoo getting the hate?

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