Lee Seung Hoon Personally Addresses Absurd Rumors That Alleged WINNER Members Did Drugs With A 4th Gen Girl Group Member

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Due to the recent attention famous singer and songwriter Don Spike is receiving due to his drug controversy, some netizen has spread an absurd unbelievable rumor about WINNER and Lee Seung Hoon ended up personally responding to it.

The original poster said a 4th Gen girl group member is doing drugs with a boy group. The post quickly spread and netizens began to speculate about who it could be and soon, some netizens accused WINNER.

Recently, Lee Seung Hoon was notified of this by one fan on Weverse, the fan sent a screen capture of the netizens claiming it was WINNER.

The fan says YG needs to take strict legal action, Lee Seung Hoon ended up personally responding to the message via Weverse, he wrote, “taking legal action,” he denied the group’s involvement.

Fans hope that YG soon announces their plans to take strict legal action against those who tainted WINNER’s name.

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