Lai Kuanlin Loses His Contract Nullification Request Against Cube Entertainment, Must Promote With The Agency

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Lai Kuanlin lawsuit to suspend his contract with Cube Entertainment was dismissed by the Seoul Central District Court, which means that his contract with the label is still valid.

The verdict was announced on November 21 through Cube Entertainment, they released an official statement to the press. Lai Kuanlin had previously submitted the request in July.

In their official statement, the agency states that they welcome the court’s decision,

“We’d like to inform you once again, there is no reason for the termination of the exclusive contract between Cube and Lai Kuanlin.

Following the court’s decision, we plan to maintain our exclusive contract relationship with Lai Kuanlin and seek a smooth solution through discussions with him.”

They concluded their statement with an apology for causing fans’ concerns over this matter.

Lai Kuanlin previously stated that Cube had taken action to violate their contract terms including selling his management rights to a third party and through his lawyer, he stated that he lost trust in Cube. Cube refuted those claims and stated that everything was done with his knowledge.

Lai Kuanlin side hasn’t issued an official response yet to the court dismissal.

What do you think of the court decision?

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  1. The entertainment culture in Korea (and around the world) needs to treat their artists well. Schedules, their image and their own personal wellness must be the priority. Artists are not robots, they work hard and can make a big impact in others lives, so value them! KUANLIN is human, and with his popularity has managed to add to Cube’s value. They need to listen to his needs and concerns and work with him. He probably isn’t asking for much but these agencies are so used to dictating and expecting without deep thought on their artists. We need to demand good care of our artists to avoid the increased mental breakdowns and suicides.

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