Kpop Fandoms Praise JYP After They Strengthen Regulations Around Blacklisting GOT7 Sasaengs

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JYP Entertainment is not messing around and they will not tolerate sasaeng behaviors.

Sasaeng so-called fans are obsessive fans who stalk idols everywhere and compromise their safety and privacy, sasaengs are an issue for all idols and their fans who fear for their idols safety and well-being.

On May 6, JYP took additional steps to punish sasaengs, the agency posted a long notice to its website announcing they’re strengthening regulations to punish sasaengs.

Here is the notice:

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

We are posting the notice to update the blacklist standards regarding GOT7’s schedule.

Please note that you will be blacklisted immediately and you will permanently face disadvantage moving forward if you’re found partaking in any of the acts listed below:

  1. Waiting for GOT7 while they’re on private schedule near JYP center, practice room, house, etc.
  2. Following GOT7 vehicle to JYP, practice room, their house, workshop or any other destination.
  3. Following members on their personal time.
  4. Following members to the airport passed the immigration inspection.
  5. Trying to initiate physical contact or staying close to the members at any schedule official or unofficial in areas including JYP Center, Practice Room, Work Room, Home, Airport, etc.
  6. All cases of fraudulent activities related to broadcasting schedules: acts that negatively affect the entire fandom such as selling or buying attendance slots, taking photos or videos during pre-recordings [or whilst live broadcasts].
  7. Everything related to safety issues such as commuting in a vehicle to follow GOT7 members, pushing other idols or fans to take pictures, etc.”

In their statement they further stress on the violations that take place in front of GOT7’s home and work studios such as waiting in front of these buildings and observing for long period of times or taking photos/entering parking lots without permission, also trying to initiate contact to follow personal schedules and most importantly asking third parties for help to do the above acts.

JYP also clarifies that the listed updates are violations against their artists’ privacy and personal rights and not only that but such acts cause great burden and inconvenience to other people living nearby or anyone just passing by, they even explain they might take legal action against such acts if necessary.

The announcement caught the attention of not only GOT7 fans but other Kpop fans as well; many are praising JYP’s efforts to ensure their artists’ safety. Many fans are also wishing the same rules would apply to sasaengs of their own fandoms that continue to invade idols privacy and cause issues.

Sasaengs have been a constant issue to idols and the more popular the idols are the more sasaengs follow.

What do you think of JYP’s decision?

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My Personal Thoughts

That’s a great move, I wonder what happened that pushed them to enforce such strict laws, these are like laws police might enforce on people with restraining orders.

I read once that Korea doesn’t have ‘restraining orders’ but I feel that its something that really needs to be considered and not just for the sake of idols but other women and men who need it.

Saesangs are the worst breads of humans; I can’t comprehend how empty, delusional and shallow you must be to think that following someone everywhere even on personal schedule is okay to do under any circumstances.

These laws are strict, I know it won’t pull back everybody because some are past making a sensible judgment but it’ll begin to hit once they get blacklisted and prevented from seeing GOT7 in official schedules again.

I wish this would apply to TWICE as well and any other artists that suffer heavily from sasaengs. I have seen GOT7 members constantly talk about that and constantly ask ‘fans’ not to invade their privacy.

That was a bold strict move to enforce privacy but I am happy JYP made it.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. I really love how JYPE take action about saesangs. We IGOT7 are really worried for GOT7’s safety. As a fan we need to set and know our limitation. Give GOT7 the respect and privacy they need.

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