Kim Woo Seok’s Eldest Brother MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok To Sing Theme OST In “The Forbidden Marriage”

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MeloMance‘s Kim Min Seok will sing an OST for his younger brother, actor Kim Woo Seok.

According to OSEN coverage on December 21, Kim Min Seok recently finished recording the OST for MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Forbidden Marriage.”

“The Forbidden Marriage” is a work in which Kim Woo Seok, Kim Min Seok’s younger brother, stars as Lee Shin Won. In response, Kim Min Seok took charge of Lee Shin Won’s theme song OST and added power to his younger brother’s work.

Kim Woo Seok is an actor who debuted in the web drama “Love Playlist: Season 2” in 2017, and gained acting experience by appearing in “Voice 2,” “Military Prosecutor Doberman” and “Rookie Cops.” In particular, he plays Lee Shin Won, an officer who experiences love and friendship with Wang Yi Heon (played by Kim Young Dae) and So Rang (played by Park Joo Hyun) in “The Forbidden Marriage,” which brings out the beauty of casual romantic comedy in a historical drama.

Kim Min Seok is also a vocalist in MeloMance and is loved by fans for his unique soft voice. He has also recently been working as a project group boy band called GOMAK BOYS with Paul Kim, Jung Seung Hwan, Ha Hyun Sang, and Big Naughty, showing the charm of a scalable vocalist.

As a result, Kim Min Seok and Kim Woo Seok are loved by the public for their different charms in music and acting. The two people, who are also active together, are expected to join forces through “The Forbidden Marriage.”

“The Forbidden Marriage” is a drama about a sensational palace scam in which So Rang, a marriage fraudster who said she could be possessed as a dead crown princess, appears in front of King Lee Heon, who lost his crown princess seven years ago and gave her the golden wedding decree. It is a casual historical drama based on a web novel of the same name and is receiving favorable reviews from drama enthusiasts.

The drama broadcasts every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m.

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