Former NU’EST Member Kim Jong Hyun’s Agency Takes Strong Actions Against Sasaengs Who Violated His Privacy

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Former NU’EST member Kim Jong Hyun has announced a strong response on the stalkers who invaded his privacy and threatened his safety.

On March 17, his agency Evermore Entertainment announced that they were aware about Kim Jong Hyun’s invasion of privacy by some people and have revoked their official fan club qualification as well as banned them from participating in any schedule of Kim Jong Hyun.

The following is the full official statement of Evermore Entertainment:

“Hello, we’re Evermore Entertainment.

Thank you for loving our artists. Here are some of the situations that fans are concerned about these days. We were aware of the violation of the artist’s privacy and the threat to his safety, and we were keeping a close eye on certain people who constantly repeated the same acts.

Nevertheless, it was concluded that these repeated actions were defined as ‘stalking’ and that sanctions were needed for this. We would like to inform you that the official fan club qualification of the person who threatened safety will be revoked from today and they will be prohibited from participating in all schedules related to the artist.

In addition, we will respond more strongly to further violations of the artist’s privacy and other disorderly activities. We will continue to put the artist’s safety first, and we will do our best to ensure safe field operation.
Thank you.”

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