KBS’s “Music Bank” Might Be Getting Investigated By Police For The Controversy Over Awarding LE SSERAFIM Over Lim Young Woong

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KBS’s “Music Bank” continues to face severe backlash over the alleged votes manipulation on a recent broadcast.

To those who aren’t aware, there has been some discourse going around after KBS’s “Music Bank” awarded LE SSERAFIM over Lim Young Woong on May 13th broadcast. Netizens argued the scoring didn’t make any sense for a variety of reasons including the fact that he was awarded zero in one of the categories. For context, Lim Young Woong’s has a huge dedicated fanbase in South Korea, he has sold over a million copies of his recent album and is charting high on Korean music charts.

Despite the backlash, KBS stood by their decision and stated that according to their calculations, this is how the award is decided: digital sound source (60%) + number of broadcasts (20%) + viewer preference (10%) + album (5%) + social media (5%).

The issue comes from the ‘number of broadcasts,’ KBS says its added up by the number of appearances in TV programs, digital content, and radio programs produced by KBS. The CP claimed Lim Young Woong’s songs were played only a number of times on their radio shows.

To add to the controversy, Dispatch came out with a detailed report questioning the validity of the scoring system.

Netizens didn’t like the explanation, and on the 20th, it was reported that a netizen had actually filed a complaint with the Korea Communications Standards Commission and the National Police Agency regarding the issue asking for an investigation.

The netizen quotes previous instances of how idols’ scores were counted and how they don’t believe it tracks with the CP’s response. The 0-point issue is a matter of ‘democracy and a matter of fair competition’ according to the netizen.

According to the National Report, it usually takes two to three days for the complaints received to be assigned to a department in charge.

In response to this, KBS said they haven’t received a report yet but will respond accordingly.

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