KARA’s Park Gyuri Shares Her Frustration Over Being Targeted By Media After Being Summoned As A Witness In Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Ongoing Fraud Case

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KARA’s Park Gyuri has opened up about her thoughts on being targeted by media outlets after she was summoned as a witness in relation to her ex-boyfriend’s alleged crypto coin fraud case and the photo of her leaving somewhere from the airport.

On February 22, Park Gyuri shared a photo that captured the titles of articles posted on Instagram and shared her thoughts on it. The titles of the articles shared by Park Gyuri were regarding Park Gyuri’s departure, who visited the airport to leave the country, giving the situation of her ex-boyfriend solidity.

In another post, Park Gyuri shared a long message expressing feelings about the situation. She wrote,

“I have a lot to say, but I don’t want to say it, and people around me comforted me that the situation would get better sooner or later. That’s what I thought.
What more could there be? Every time the New Year comes around, Big X comes flying at me as if laughing at me, and every time, I’ve been in the news instead of ‘him,’ going up and down in the title and serving as a shield.

I’m not saying anything because of professional reasons and enduring everything. When I try to breathe a little hard, something comes out and I get caught up in it and go down again, and if I try to recover from it by working hard on something, I’m afraid that something will come up again and because of this I’m afraid to try something in life now.

If I did something wrong, then my biggest fault would be that I couldn’t sort out the relationship earlier. I’m going to the Japan fan meeting, which has been scheduled for a long time. As I said in my official position, I’ve nothing to do with this situation, so don’t criticize me as if I’m trying to run away, but write articles based on the facts that have all been revealed.

These days, I don’t want to do anything, and I don’t have any motivation left. The person who has done wrong in this situation might be living well in the back garden, but all of these things are so unfair and frustrating for me. I want to breathe. I’m sorry to my fans and members, and I can’t fly away at the moment since I have things to do. Please help me not to let go of the rest of my mind.”

Park Gyuri also explained the background of the airport photo

Earlier, the prosecution investigated Park Gyuri as a witness in the process of investigating the representative of a virtual currency company linked to art. CEO Song is suspected of manipulating the crypto coin market by distributing false information.

Prosecutors are confirming the circumstances of Park Gyuri, who was the curator of the company’s art gallery, keeping and selling the crypto coin, and Park Gyuri said in a statement from the agency that she had nothing to do with the related business.

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