KARA’s Park Gyuri Summoned As Witness In Ex-Boyfriend’s Alleged Ongoing Crypto Coin Fraud Case

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A member of a famous girl group has been questioned as a witness in relation to her ex-boyfriend’s alleged coin fraud case, and it was later confirmed to be KARA’s Park Gyuri.

According to JoongAng Ilbo on February 20, A, a famous girl group member, and curator was recently investigated as a witness in connection with the alleged fraud case of her ex-boyfriend, exhibition planner B. The Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s Financial Investigation Division 1 is currently investigating B.

The prosecution suspects that some of the information that is the premise of the P coin transaction is mixed with false information and that B and other issuers intentionally distributed such false information. It is also believed that the act of distributing false information is an act of manipulating the market price of the P coin to artificially raise the market price of the P coin.

B is the grandson of the founder of a local construction company.

Later, Park Gyuri admitted to receiving an investigation as a witness through her agency which stated that “during the witness statement process, she clearly demonstrated that she did not participate in any illegal acts related to the coin business, nor did she obtain any unfair gains” and said that she “has nothing to do with the business in question, but will cooperate as much as possible in the related investigation”.

Meanwhile, Park Gyuri was in a public romantic relationship with B since 2019 while working on a collaboration project together but broke up in 2021.

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