JYP’s Efforts To Help His Idols And Staff Lead A Better Life Is The Best Thing You’ll Read Today

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If you didn’t like JYP enough already, prepare to like him even more, JYP’s newest efforts to aid his idols and staff is making headline.

JYP just broke an important record and became the first Korean Entertainment agency to ever ban after work assignments to idols and staff alike.

This means that it is now forbidden to assign staff or idols with assignments or homework after their working hours are over, this won’t only benefit the idols but the staff working at JYP.

The entertainment industry is a very difficult and demanding business and just like idols work hard the staff behind them works even harder, they organize everything and works so hard is working literally 24/7 without rest.

Park Jin Young banned after work assignments and requested that unless its super urgent, contacting the staff is prohibited once they’ve officially left work.

This applies to everyone, including everyone working at JYP at the moment. This decision and brave step was taken following fear for employees state of mind because of continuous stress due to extending work even when working hours are over, its also a violation of personal life.

A large agency that will be referred to as A, has endlessly assigned tasks to its staff through text messages or kakao talk even when after they left work and on the weekend as well.

The employees of A have been complaining but couldn’t express it outwardly but they continue to be very dissatisfied with how everything is being managed and it reached an extreme level.

JYP is gaining love and respect for this move, they’re one of the first to do it, in efforts of stressing their employees less, who used to be asked to work even when they’ve left their work place.

Recently, the Korean National Assembly proposed an amendment to the Labor Standards Act which prohibits messaging and using Kakao talk at times other than the working hours.

Huge respect goes to JYP!

Do you think other companies should adopt this ban as well?

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My Reaction

Im a JYP stan for a reason ya’ll! 😉

But seriously guys, mad respect for JYP and his efforts, such a nice gesture of him. Even if I wasn’t a JYP stan I’d still respect and cheer him on when he’s going this far to help out his employees.

He might be one producer in the big company he created but he is a genuinely nice person. Out of all the entertainment agencies I feel like JYP is the least harmful/hateful one.

I know he isn’t perfect and neither his agency, but when comparing him to other agencies I find him really nice.

This is an important step towards less stress, Koreans and Asians in general worship work and are requested at times to work even when they’ve left the company without being paid extra for it at times.

I am not saying this what JYP is doing, but when you’re being asked to constantly do things by your boss via messages once you’ve left work it becomes frustrating (I know that well!).

Mad respect for ori CEO, lets hope that other entertainment agencies do the same!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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