JTBC Apologized On-air To Big Hit And BTS Following False Report About BTS Alleged Dispute With The Label

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After a week of silence, JTBC has finally apologized to Big Hit and BTS for the false report in which they claimed BTS were seeking legal advice over profit distribution issues.

Big Hit had previously issued a full statement explaining the facts and refuting all of JTBC claims one by one. Big Hit also demanded JTBC issues an apology for their report.

After fans saw that JTBC didn’t apologize after Big Hit statement, they announced their boycott and expressed their dissatisfaction with how JTBC has handled the issue.

On December 16, JTBC president Son Suk Hee issued a follow-up on the report. In their report, they explained that after looking into the matter and additional reporting,

“We concluded that the likelihood of a real legal dispute is almost zero.”

JTBC also added,

“The Agency had stated that they wrote up the most outstanding contract last year for the group, and BTS have also said that they didn’t have any issues that required them to request a lawsuit.”

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They also apologized for illegally filming the agency’s office without permission,

“We humbly and sincerely accept the criticism that our report went ahead of itself when a lawsuit had not even been filed yet.”

Check out their apology video below, what are your thoughts on their apology?

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