“The Truth Shall Reveal Itself In A Matter Of Time,” Jessi Addresses Rumors Following Her Departure From P-Nation

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Earlier today, fans were surprised after P-Nation revealed that they will be parting ways with Jessi after her contract expired.

Jessi signed with P-Nation in January of 2019, shortly after PSY established the label.

Later during the day, Jessi took to her Instagram to personally address various rumors that spread about her after her departure from the agency, she wrote,

I understand people can make assumptions right now based on my current situation… but the truth shall reveal itself in a matter of time..

Respectfully… please give me some time to collect my thoughts and breathe a bit.. (I haven’t rested since 2005) but one thing for sure is that this GIRL is NOT retiring. I’m only getting started. Thank you Jebbies [Jessi’s fandom] for your unconditional love and support.. And lastly love you P NATION for life.

Wishing Jessi all the best in her future endeavors!

What do you think of Jessi’s statement?

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