Jay Park’s MORE VISION Reportedly Looking To Terminate Contract With Jessi After Only 7 Months Of Signing Her 

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It’s been reported that Jessi might be leaving MORE VISION after signing to the label only 7 months ago!

On the 6th of December, it was reported by The Fact that Jay Park’s agency, More VISION, led by him, recently informed Jessi of their intention to terminate the exclusive contract. This comes just over seven months after the contract was signed in April.

The media outlet added that according to an insider, “There was a conflict between Jessi and More VISION over her recent song activities, and the conflict continued afterward. In the end, More VISION judged that it would be better for Jessi to go her own way.”

Jessi had faced some controversies, notably missing several music broadcasts, including KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’ on October 27, citing health issues after the release of her latest song ‘Gum.’

Regarding this shocking report, More VISION stated to iMBC Entertainment, “We are currently confirming the relevant matters.”

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